Monday, November 13, 2006

RandomLine Hits The Road Script Style

Morris Plains, N.J. - RandomLine continues to build its award-winning on-the-go brand with the introduction of Alphabet Squiggle on-the-go Script Edition. Computers are taking over the classroom, leaving students with less time to practice a very important life skill. Handwriting! In a time where many students are losing touch with their individuality when it comes to hand writing, Alphabet Squiggle on-the-go Script Edition offers an introduction to learning how to write in cursive. Students who can write at an early age can express themselves better. Why cursive? Latest research reports that students who remain printers, rather than writing in cursive, need more time to take notes or write essays for the SAT. Even though handwriting is thought not to count, SAT essays written in cursive had slightly higher average scores than those written in print, according to the College Board.
"I often find that once students begin using cursive, they struggle less with getting their thoughts and ideas out on paper. I also notice improvements in spelling when students write in cursive" said Sandy Tichenor, a 3rd grade school teacher at Glenwood Elementary in New Jersey.
Parents, grandparents, teachers and friends looking for an activity to inspire children to begin writing early need not look any further than Alphabet Squiggle on-the-go Script Edition. RandomLine has put a fun spin in Alphabet Squiggle on the go Script Edition with a colorful wheel with both upper and lower script letters. Spin the wheel and choose a letter. After the child writes her letter, she may then create a word or picture from that letter. The entire script alphabet is on the back along with a spot for personalization. Alphabet Squiggle Script retails for $6.95 and is found at independent toy and book stores throughout the country.