Saturday, August 29, 2009

SQUIGGLE Connect receives a NAPPA Gold Award from the National Parenting Publications Awards.

RandomLine introduced a new game to their award winning SQUIGGLE line that will bring tears to your eyes and laughter in your belly. When was the last time that happened? It’s a great feeling! This hilarious new game appeals to ages 8 to 108 and is sure to bring families and friends together with laughter.

“Squiggle Connect and Alphabet Squiggle are drawing games, but it's the games that do the drawing. They draw out your imagination, your creativity and your analytical thinking skills while you're totally distracted having fun.”

Peggy Brown
(Board & Card Games category)

SQUIGGLE Connect receives the GOLD award from the National Parenting Publications Awards. SQUIGGLE Connect is a hilarious game where player must turn a wavy, wacky, zig zaggy or loopy line into a picture. Then they get a chance to explain it! This is where the laughs begin. Each player holds 2 voting cards, a positive and negative card. These voting cards have a point value and offer a hint of sarcasm, obnoxiousness, criticism and ridicule that will make any players jaw drop. On the other hand, the positive voting cards offer praise, reward, thoughtfulness and kindness. They are given out after each player has had a chance to explain their work of art and tell their story.