Tuesday, February 07, 2006

RandomLine introduces game that keeps children learning their letters while having fun

Morris Plains, NJ – The maker of the award-winning SQUIGGLE® Series games has unveiled its newest educational product, Alphabet SQUIGGLE® on-the-go. This fun and engaging children’s game provides entertainment without noise or need for batteries.

Alphabet SQUIGGLE® on-the-go is a portable game that helps children learn the alphabet, improve penmanship and strengthen vocabulary as it stimulates their creativity and builds confidence.

“A critical component of early education is learning to write the alphabet and penmanship,” said Chief SQUIGGLER and RandomLine President John Kiely. “Children using this game are free to explore while learning the alphabet, and won’t have to worry about being criticized for not knowing their letters.” Kiely added that children may be less intimidated by teachers in the classroom because they will become more confident in their own abilities of identifying and recognizing letters.

There are a variety of benefits to Alphabet SQUIGGLE® on-the-go that parents would find appealing. With its compact size, it makes a great addition when taking the kids to daycare or while on vacation to keep them occupied and learning. Its educational component would also be beneficial to any home-schooling program or transition to kindergarten.

Children simply spin the colorful letter wheel and write the corresponding letter on the attached pad. The pad has printed guidelines that help with accuracy and control. Once the letter has been written, children can create a word or picture using the letter, or just have fun doodling anything from the letter.

This new family addition to the SQUIGGLE® Series line of games weighs in at only 7.4 ounces and is 8.25 inches tall. With a low suggested retail price of $6.95, it is affordable for families of all income levels.

RandomLine, Inc. was created in 2002 by John Kiely, an industrial designer for over 12 years. The line of innovative products, including SQUIGGLE®, Alphabet SQUIGGLE® and SQUIGGLE® on-the-go, which provide players with an educational and fun experience. The products not only stimulate creative thinking, they are a great value. Please visit http://www.randomline.com/ for more information their products.

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