Monday, October 19, 2009

Alphabet SQUIGGLE wins a NAPPA Award

RandomLine is proud to announce that Alphabet SQUIGGLE won a National Parenting Publications Awards.

Alphabet SQUIGGLE is a fun, educational board game that introduces letters to kids in a clever new way. Kids will learn and improve letter recognition, stimulate their imagination and strengthen their vocabulary. Children who are just learning letters and those who already know them will enjoy playing. Watch how surprised they get when they see how much they can do with letters.

Players move along the pencil path of letters. For every letter a player lands on, that player must find the letter on the outside edge of the board and either trace it or write it from memory on the sketch paper provided. If they're feeling creative, they can turn their letter tracing into a picture, write a word that begins with that letter, or create a drawing that begins with and reinforces that letter.

It’s simple, fun and engaging.

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