Friday, October 05, 2012

SQUIGGLE Monsters makes a wonderfully 'unplugged' gift

SQUIGGLE Monsters makes a wonderfully 'unplugged' gift, stocking stuffer and family activity this holiday season! This activity center is great because it encourages children to be creative as they transform squiggly lines into monsters! It′s perfect for taking out to dinner to give the kids something to do while they wait impatiently for their food! For ages 6 and up.

SQUIGGLE Monsters is a fun and creative way to explore the wild and wacky side of your imagination! First you create a squiggly line on the dry-erase board, then you spin the wheels to select a combination of features to make your monster (ie. Two Heads - One Leg Monster). Next, it’s up to you to turn the squiggly line you created into that monster. The best part when you’re done is you get to make up “fun facts” about your monster on another dry-erase area. (i.e. Name, Favorite Food, Job, etc.) Play with friends and create your monster master piece.

A little history of about myself:
As a kid, I was a doodler in school! I was the kid who sat in class and filled my notebook cover with thousands of squiggles, pictures, pattens, and bubble letters. I couldn't and still can't go anywhere without a pencil and paper in hand armed and ready to sketch. I'm a visual person and need to sketch every idea and thought out to get a clearer picture. If I'm at a doctor's office, waiting at the DMV, or just sitting at the kitchen table my pen will uncontrollably begin doodling. Once a doodler, always a doodler. 

Monster markers store under drawing board
Opens like a book

A monster with a long tongue and skinny arms

A monster with spider legs and big lips

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